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Pre Design

Prepare the project Brief.


Obtain Site information: 

DPand CT. Easements and covenants. Topographical survey. Geotechnical survey and information. Existing structures – as-built information. District plan requirements. Traffic report. Arborist report.


Territorial/building consent authority:  Consult with authorities, if required.


Programme: Prepare 


Other Consultants: Discuss and agree with Client the additional separate or sub-consultants.


Concept Design:

Prepare drawings giving form and basic functionality as a concept to the Client's Brief.


Preliminary Design:

Preferred Concept is refined to provide appropriate relationships and sizes of spaces, and include the input of other consultants


Developed Design:

Approved Preliminary Design is further developed to provide a set of documents (drawings and outline specification) that identifies and coordinates all of the elements of the building, including structural elements, building services, materials and finishes and net/gross building areas.


At the end of this stage an Elemental Estimate of Cost, can be established by a quantity surveyor and a resource consent (if required) may be applied for.

Prepare based on approved Developed Design, including sufficient detail to enable an application for Building Consent to be made, tendering and negotiation of a building contract to be undertaken and construction work to commence.

Consultant Documentation – Review and evaluate against architectural design. Coordinate and integrate, including performance specifications.



Prepare Preliminaries and General Sections – with input from client and other Consultants

Prepare and coordinate all trade sections – with input from other consultants

Materials and finishes schedule: Update against specification and monetary consultants

Procurement, Administration & Observation


Documents are prepared for submission for tender and at the end of this stage negotiations can be entered into to select a Contractor.


Administration & Observation:

Administration and observation of the Contract Works to verify that the construction is generally in accordance with the Architects documents. 

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